Don't Stop Believin'

Welcome to TRFC 2012! So excited to have you join us. Before we get started, you've got to do a few simple things.

  • Read this. (Hey, good job! See? You are off to a great start.) Keep reading.
  • Join my mailing list. (How else would you stay up with all the lastest news?)
  • "Like" my new Adam Violin Dot Com Facebook page. (How else would you share your progress?)
  • Send an email to stating your intention to sign up for TRFC 2012. (How else would I know you want to join us?)
  • You can join anytime between March 20th, 2012 and May 20th, 2012.
  • Watch the Welcome, Demo, and Tutorial videos below.
  • Download the Sheet Music Here. (Not absolutely necessary if you want to learn it all by ear, but probably $4.99 well spent. Email me if you truly cannot afford to spend five bucks.)
  • Start practicing! Once you've learned section A, make a video of yourself playing it (low quality video is fine), upload it to YouTube, entitle it "Your Name - TRFC 2012 - section A," copy the link, and then paste it onto my new Adam Violin Dot Com Facebook page where you will be welcomed with open arms and lovingly critiqued by other TRFC 2012 participants, random passersby, and me. (It is my party after all.)
  • Repeat the previous steps with ALL the following sections: A through I. (If you are an advanced player and wish to skip ahead to the final upload, that's cool, but please check with me first.)
  • Prepare your final upload. Playing in tune? Check! Playing with rockin' rhythm? Check! Playing with guts and style, and swagger? Check, CHECK, CHECK!!! Got Bling? (Well, OK, that's not my thing either, but I hear it helps.) Check. Record your final upload of the full song, upload it to YouTube, entitle it "Your Name - TRFC 2012 - FINAL," copy the link, and paste it onto my Facebook page BY MAY 20, 2012. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE CONSIDERED. PLEASE LEAVE TIME FOR UPLOADING AND YOUTUBE PROCESSING.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy your fellow TRFC 2012 participant's videos. Comment on them, tell one another how great you did, and sit tight while the panel of judges chooses our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  • Understand the the decision of the panel of judges is final. I have assembled a diverse group of musicians/artists to make this difficult final decision, in which I play no part.
  • Please note that TRFC 2012 is open to anybody and everybody (yes, even violists), HOWEVER, if you are a professional musician (if you are a self supporting, income earning musician), you are NOT eligible to win any of the top 3 prizes. Them's just the rules.
Got all that? See the great prizes and generous sponsors above? See the helpful videos below? Do you understand that you may be getting some important email messages about TRFC 2012 as we progress? And do you get that most of the day-to-day TRFC goodness will be happening on my new Facebook Page? Well, then, get going. It's time to rock out!

TRFC Welcome Video

First Prize

Second Prize