Dear students,

I apologize for this group message, but I need to make a few updates to my lesson policies and this seemed like the most efficient way to communicate with everybody. Before I list my basic policies and updates, please know that none of the following is directed to any one person. I have been unclear, and this is my attempt to set things straight so I can accommodate all the students who want lessons. This is something I am currently unable to do based on my time constraints and the number of reserved lesson times that are, as of late, all too frequently cancelled or changed at the last minute. I’d like to support you all in getting the most out of your lessons in the way that suits you best. To that end:

  • If you have been accepted into my studio, you should know that I want to work with you. Most people who apply are referred to other teachers. I am very picky who I invite into my studio. If you’ve received this message, you are IN, and I’m happy to have you!

  • You now have two choices for lessons with me: weekly fixed (a steady, weekly, reserved time, billed monthly) or lesson-by-lesson.

  • Those who opt for weekly fixed lessons will start receiving a monthly tuition bill on the first of each month based on the number of lessons offered that month X $80 per hour. Your time is saved for you and you only. If you need to miss, you can attempt to reschedule or trade with another student in the same week. I’m happy to facilitate this. Same if you’re sick. I’ll do my best to find you a makeup time in the same week. (FYI, this is how virtually every violin studio in the world works.)

  • Those who opt to study lesson-by-lesson are to simply text/email/call me when you want to set up a lesson. Your time is not guaranteed, but I will do my best to work you in as close to when you want to come as possible. Lesson-by-lesson price = $100 per hour and is to paid in cash, check, or via PayPal-friends/family on the morning before your lesson. (FYI, most teachers do not offer this as an option, but in an effort to accommodate some of you, I’m willing to give this a try.)

  • If you tend to need to cancel a lot of lessons, I recommend you choose to study lesson- by-lesson. If you’re a weekly lesson warrior, the lower price and guaranteed slot of weekly fixed lessons will probably work better for you.

  • If I miss your weekly fixed lesson, you will be credited the following month, assuming we cannot find a makeup time that suits you.

  • If you miss your lesson and do not text, call, or email BEFORE the start of your lesson time, you are either excused from my studio OR you may pay a $500 penalty. (I can hardly believe I’m even having to write this!) Exceptions to this rule include extreme illness, extreme natural disasters, or one hell of a story that might include you being handcuffed in a dungeon. Get to a phone or a computer and communicate with me! You are allowed to miss. You are allowed to cancel. You are allowed to reschedule. You are NOT allowed to stand me up. (End rant.)

  • Lesson length is 50 min. on the hour or 25 min. on the half-hour. Or, as my friends that teach at universities call it, a professional hour. Yes, sometimes I go long. (Lucky you?)

I realize that everybody is different. I’m here to chat if you feel you need to make arrangements other than what I’ve laid out above.

I hope you all understand how much I care for each of you and how committed I am to helping you reach your violin goals. You all feel like family to me and I’m honored to be a part of your journey. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please contact me ASAP and let me know which lesson track you’d like to be on: weekly fixed or lesson-by-lesson.

My best to you all,